Clutch# 23J3

Tampa’s Gamma Diamond Jungle Jags and siblings are currently available. Contact us for more info. 


Gamma Diamond Jungle Jags

Jungle Carpet Pythons For Sale

Tampa is a 2011 Jungle Carpet Python produced by Nick Mutton (2011 CVR Zebra 11-JC-F12). Her sire was a zebra produced by Paul Harris. The Dam was produced by Will Leary (Lazik x Schuette).

Nakita Diamond Jungle Jags for Sale

The sire of this clutch is Nakita. Nakita is a Gamma Diamond Jungle Jag produced by Vito Giannini. Nakita’s parents included a Wow line male and a Gamma dam from the original Gamma female and Ocho (Diamond Jungle cross from John Battaglia).

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