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We appreciate larger carpet python breeders who contribute years of valuable expertise and opportunities to acquire a variety of unique, quality snakes— often with robust lineage information. We are one of many smaller carpet python breeders and are involved in a limited number of breeding projects.

Most of our resources focus on Diamond Carpet Pythons (Morelia spilota spilota). We also produce high-yellow Jungle Carpet Pythons (JCPs) and are working on projects involving super-bright Diamond Jungle Jags (DJJs).

We have three goals: 1) to enjoy the snakes in our care, 2) to encourage a ‘quality care’ culture in the reptile community and 3) to increase awareness, information and excitement about Morelia spilota— in our opinion, one of most beautiful and rewarding pets you can have.

We routinely consult and refer others to experienced breeders for information and to connect people to the carpet pythons they want. We desire to continuously improve quality of care for carpet pythons so we review and promote valuable information sources such as podcasts, websites and books.

When we sell snakes at reptile expos, we offer inexpensive, proven housing solutions including thermostats. We also offer information about permanent quality enclosures.

Tampa Snakes is licensed with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and a member of the United States Association of Reptile Keepers.

What’s the Difference?

We provide plenty of resources to our snakes and to those that purchase snakes from us. We want you to enjoy caring for a carpet python and to watch it thrive.

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