Carpet Python Breeder in Tampa

Welcome to Tampa Snakes. We are a Diamond Python Breeder in Tampa Florida. While our passion is breeding Diamond Pythons, we also breed high-yellow Jungle Carpet Pythons and Gamma Diamond Jungle Jags (DJJs). If we don’t have what you need, we can connect you with other Diamond Python breeders or reputable breeders of other beautiful carpet pythons throughout the country. Tampa Snakes is a member of the US Association of Reptile Keepers.


Diamond Python Newborn
Diamond Python Newborn

Quality first.

Our snakes enjoy larger enclosures with plenty of perches, hides, ventilation, UVB and basking heat. We also use quality thermostats with safety relays. Tampa Snakes carpet pythons experience a mild night drop throughout the year. Most importantly, special care is taken to appropriately cool our diamond pythons during winter.

We offer varied frozen/thawed food to our Diamond Pythons and Jungle Carpet Pythons. Our incubators and hatchling racks are maintained separately from our breeding snakes and we are rigorous with our quarantine process and mite prevention.

Tampa Snakes is licensed with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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