2022 “Tampa” Jungle Carpet Pythons

Tampa’s clutch has recently hatched and some of these high-yellow Carpet Pythons are for sale. Click below to learn more.

2021 Clutches

Diamond Pythons for Sale


Looking for something else? Billy Hunt at Uwabami Reptiles is also a Tampa-based Carpet Python Breeder with beautiful snakes and vast knowledge.

Uwabami Reptiles


Other reputable breeders outside of Tampa include:

Nick Mutton of Inland Reptile

Mike Curtin of Scattershot Exotics

Jason Baylin of East Coast Serpents

Eric Koller of Midgard Serpents

Andrew Paris of Paris Reptiles

Eric Burke of EB Morelia

Owen McIntyre of Rogue Reptiles

Brandon Wheeler of Morelia House

Justin Smith of Palmetto Coast Exotics

Justin Julander of Australian Addiction Reptiles

Martin Rosemond of MartinRMorelia

Casey Cannon

Adam Hullander